At Northwood Mechanical you’re in strong hands. We take pride in having a firm footing in the residential, heating and cooling industry. We are a highly regarded, family owned and operated business. We never compromise on our ideals of loyalty towards our customers, providing high quality services and catering to all the needs and choices which our clients may have. With numerous years of experience, our teams are experts in installation of HVAC heating and cooling systems We ensure that all the needs of our customers are met at reasonable price.

We advise you to contact us to make your home a safe and comfortable haven during all the seasons, that is, round the year. You will not be disappointed. For more information, contact, (416) 400-0848.

Furnace and air handler Installations and Repair
Tankless and Boiler Installation and repair
Ductless and ducted cooling system installation and repair
Ductwork additions and full installations
Gas lines additions and installations